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GPS: N64°19.605 W20°16.92′

The area around the hot spring is very delicate. The water comes up from the bottom of the spring and the temperature is 43 °C but if you move a little bit further up the spring the temperature is around 39 °C.
The size of the hot spring is 3.1 m * 1.2 m and the depth 0.6 m. There is only room for 3 to 5 persons to bath at each time. The water is a bit muddy after a lot of usage because it is built on soil. There is a lot of algae flora so bit slippery, take caution.

Shortly you have passed Geysir hot spring area in Hauksdalur you make a left turn until you will see a church. The hot spring should be on north side of the road down in a small valley called Sældarskora. The hot spring is about 2 km from Geysir and is accessible for regular cars.