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GPS: +65° 5′ 41.94″, -21° 1′ 9.30″

The hot spring is next to a cabin which stands on the east side of Sík-river. The cabin is rentet out by Staðarskáli. For people who do not have access to the cabin, can lay their cloths on the grass. The hot spring and the banks are piled from rocks. The hot spring is about 2×2.5 m and roughly 0.6 m deep. The source of the hot spring has the temperature of 69 °C but the bathing area is 37 °C.

Hveraborg is 18.5 km from the middle of Hrútarfjörður. You make a turn from the main road #1 to direction Hveraborg. Continue on a jeep path (not accessable for smaller cars) for about 11 km. From there you have to walk. Please follow the path towards the hot spring. The walk is about 7.5 km.