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GPS: N65º52.934 W19º44.171

The spring is very well made and mostly made by Jón Eiriksson. The spring is in the shape of oval with the diamater of 4,5 and 3,75 m and is 0,8 m deep. The spring fits 15 to 20 people at the same time. The water enters the spring from the bottom with the flow of 0.5l per second and it also brings little bit of gas. The temperature is 42-43 °C. There are no changing facilities around the spring. Grettir Ásmundason bathed in this spring after he swam the swim from Drangey.

The hot spring Grettislaug is about 40 km from main road no. 1 (Varmahlíð). There is accessibility for cars but the road is not very good north of Sauðárkrókur, therefore it takes some time to reach the destination. The hot spring is located at the sea level in Glerhallavík at Reykjaströnd in Skagafjörður.