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GPS: 65°29’44.6″N 19°22’55.6″W

Just 17 km from the farm Solvanes is the hot pool Fosslaug. Fosslaug is built from stones and turf just beside a hot spring, and near the river Svartá. A few steps away flows the magnificent waterfall Reykjafoss. As there is no house or dressing room by the pool, it might be easiest to put on the swimsuit in Sölvanes before driving to the pool, and shower when coming back.



The GPS coordinates for this place are a bit off. more precise place is: 65.4941950N, 19.3837436W (see the link on this webpage, where the pool is marked: The access is best to drive on road 752, then turn on the road 753, cross a small bridge, and park at coordinates: (65.499227, -19.379773). There is a gate along the way, but do not worry, it is only because of the sheep, so it is enough to close it after you pass through.

Source: HOT POT ICELAND team