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Because we respect this beautiful land of Iceland and the people living there and also we want you to enjoy your stay on Iceland, please read that basic bathing rules before you enter HOT POTs:
1) Please have on mind, that many of the hotpots are located in private area, if it is possible contact the owner before you enter.
2) Please maintain cleanliness. Do not use any saponates, soaps or other chemical agents in hotpots. If there is possibility, take a shower before you enter the hotpot.
3) Please take your rubbish with you, respect the characterstical beauty of each hotpot and dont leave the garbage there.
4) Please take care of you safety. Bathing is on your own risk. Some of the hotpots are very hot, so be aware there is danger of being burned or collapse.
5) Please, if it is possible, donate some money to the moneybox. The owner of certain hotpot can use money to keep hotpot “staying alive”.
6) Please, if it is possible park your car at the signed parking, do not hurt the nature by driving off-road.
7) Please, be responsible to the nature, and behave with respect to this places. Let them last for centuries!
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